Monday, May 14, 2012

Streetside To-Go (Take-Away) Breakfasts

A couple prepares breakfast for morning commute customers

There many, many options for take-away breakfast items throughout Thailand.

From a simple bag of porridge such as johk to artery clogging delights like youtiao, from warm, yeasty waffles to bags of ready-to-eat cut fruit, from hot dogs/sausages on a stick to what would easily pass as a real breakfast in a styrofoam box.

Take-away breakfasts from the temporary stall shown above

Since I'm usually out and about early in the morning it's a safe bet you'll find me at one of these carts or stalls somewhere along my walk. More often than not I'm just stopped for a morning snack between my early breakfast and lunch, but some of them I see while just glancing over out of curiosity while I'm meandering through a morning market or through an area with a lot of commuter traffic.

One morning this past trip I stopped to say hello to more folks along the way than usual. If you take a right when exiting the Glow Hotel and walk past the Villa Market in the same building you'll come to a  smallish local market, stocked with a wide variety of things.  Not as much a commute route as it is a basic open market it still had some of the familiar foods I'd consider breakfast material.

The couple preparing the waffles above stopped to pose for the picture below. Some of you might remember we've covered waffles in the past, and they remain in my Top 5 favorite walk-away snacks. These pleasant, helpful folks have been at this for many years.

Almost all of these stalls are mobile. Not as easy to move as a cart, but still just set up in front of a store, along a sidewalk, on the side of an alleyway or some such place. I'm told they move where the business is, which is logical.

The women below sell battered hot dogs; actually what often pass for sausage in Thailand, as you'll note at most hotel buffets. At first glance they're reminiscent of a Western corn dog, but it's not a corn meal based coating. Still tasty, and worth a try.

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