Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Birth Of A Different Bao Bao

Mei Xiang nuzzles her newly born cub Bao Bao

Reader Dax recently sent an email, alerting me to a news item I'd missed. His message read in part "I wanted to wish you the very best of the holidays and congratulate you on the National Zoo's naming of their baby panda Bao Bao."

Bao Bao was born on August 23rd at the Smithsonian's National Zoo to Mei Xiang, brought here herself from China as part of a diplomatic program begun by Richard Nixon back in the early 1970s. Bao Bao is a female, and her name received the highest number of votes from the 120,000 members of the Friends of the National Zoo who participated in the selection process.

Evidently, in Chinese her name means "precious" or "treasure". I don't recall this blog ever being referred to in those terms - and I'd never claim it to be, naturally - but most regulars will remember that since Bao Bao means "gentle" or "easy" in Thai (or so I've long been told) so perhaps today's blip on the wide horizon of the internet would better fit into the same same, but different folder.

If you're dead set to have a Thailand tie-in for the post today I'll refer you to the Chiang Mai Zoo, where they've hosted pandas on loan from China and most likely have some there now. Check their web site for more information, as I've not been there yet - just the Dusit Zoo in Bangkok.

So, as the holidays are ramping up for me I'll close for today and get back to the exhaustive list of things demanding attention, but a special thanks to Dax for taking the time to alert me to the new namesake. Best wishes for the holidays to you, too.

Bao Bao, learning to walk and climb on 6 December


hanabahtah said...

Bao Bao,

I'm glad you enjoyed the story of your namesake. It was my gift to you.

As is my new tradition, I searched back and viewed your post of December 24, 2012 and got my present for Christmas. Your niece and nephew's chorale singing Silent Night will always be my favorite.

Thank you for your efforts in hosting your blog. May you be blessed with a memorable Christmas and a bountiful New Year.


khunbaobao said...

I'm also glad you enjoyed the clip from last Christmas of "Silent Night". As busy as it is in my house those days I expect I'll post it again this year. It's my all-time favorite rendition of the song.

Happy holidays!