Thursday, June 19, 2014

Through My Viewfinder Pt. 2... And Some Thoughts On Time

Mist on the morning river in the Chonburi area

This is the second post of a series that will more than likely be another herky-jerk affair; Part 1 being some miscellaneous pictures from days spent in Bangkok proper; the enormous sprawl of city itself that easily covers over 600 square miles, and some of the outlying metropolitan areas that are almost another 8,000 square miles. 

Bamboo scaffolding on a
building in Chonburi
Each time I visit I try to venture out of the Big Mango, though; getting out among the good people of Thailand makes a trip so much more memorable... in my admittedly less-than-humble opinion, anyway.

If you're willing to step a ways out of your usual tourist comfort zone you're bound to meet new friends. Now closing in on 20 times in the kingdom I've met many, and the problem (we should all have such problems, frankly) is that even when I'm there for a month or so I have to be selective about who I tell about my intended trips there. There simply isn't enough time to catch up with everyone. I've long maintained a person can't have too many friends... just too many to keep up with. That's the case stateside here, and it's become the case there, too.

"There's a place I'd love to show you," my Thai friends write "and I hope you'll save some time for us to go there on your next visit!" Sometimes they'll send a link to pictures they've taken there themselves, sometimes it's just a crap shoot that I have to put my faith in. I've very rarely been disappointed. I guess that's why I've yet to make it to Phuket and some of the more regularly visited spots; those can be seen on countless web sites. I haven't seen a few of my friends for several years, but there's always next time. I hope.

The G.O.D. disco on Silom Soi 2, shortly before opening time. I've never been up late enough to venture inside. I'm a lousy dancer, anyway.

If you've been along on the ride here so far you've seen posts about Laem Sing, Chantaburi, Phitsanulok, Amphawa, Udonthani, Lopburi, Surin and quite a number of other spots; the stories can be found in the right-hand column "labels" listings, if you've got a little time to invest - but a lack of that is understandable; time is our most precious commodity, so enjoy them as your time allows. A yard-long post usually gets a "skip over" from me, so no penalty accrued if you don't have time today. Unless Google pulls yet another unpleasant shenanigan they'll wait for you.

There's comfort in familiarity, though, and I still spend time both in Bangkok and visiting the sponsored students on the outskirts of Pattaya. Most of you will remember the posts about the students here, so I don't think I need to re-hash those. For newer readers you can see some of them here.

My best Isaan friend has moved to Europe to work, another from Bangkok has become a beautician in Germany and a third managed to get himself here to the USA, where he now does a couple of business ventures; primarily real estate, but also maintains an online business. They were able to make good on their dreams, and while miss seeing them there, I admire their dedication. 

A pond and rice fields outside my country bungalow on my last visit

I carry a camera most everywhere I go, and I love taking photos of everyday things I walk, drive or bicycle by along the way. I lead a hectic enough life here at home, even though I'm retired (hence the dearth of posts the past few months), but I'm longing to be back there again, and going through my pictures can be a comfort. 

A tree full of blossoms near Hua Hin

Where will I end up next time?  Who knows... I sure don't. There are a few physician friends (well, one's a dentist) who have been after me to get away with them for four years now, but that may be because they'd like a break themselves. They invariably pay at least their own way, and so generously indulge this old fart who so often says "Oh, wait... pull over, would you? I want to take a picture."

It's just the time. It goes by so fast there.


Keith Robinson said...

Bao Bao, sorry it's been awhile. Bobby and I are well in New Zealand. He has just received his Certificate of Achievement to become a security guard. He has been working at a cafe in a large gallery of modern art that is near our home, just to keep some dollars rolling in for his family in Thailand. Me, I'm still working for the same design company in NZ. I hope you are well M.

anthonystravels said...

I see you on forums but not posting here. Why not?