Monday, November 14, 2011

On The Road Again...

No, not Thailand or Hawaii... this is from my front porch

The rising sun here finds me preparing for a brief road trip before the madness - uh, sorry, make that joyous hustle and bustle - of the Holiday Season leaps out at us in all of its glory.

Come bed time tonight I'll be somewhere around 475 miles to the North of where I am now, and with any luck at all settled in at the place I've booked for the night.  I don't sleep well in my car.

I have a fairly full schedule, but it's a happy one; family and friends I haven't seen for months or years.  I'll try to keep up with posts here, but won't make any promises.  I just wanted to let the regulars know so there won't be quite so many "what happened to you" emails to catch up with. 

Say hello if you see me wandering around in Seattle.

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krobbie said...

Seattle is my favourite city in the US. I have 2 friends there who I have kept up with over the years. We Skype a lot and as it happens I was just talking to one yesterday and he said there was snow predicted for last night. I hope you took some warm undergarments.