Monday, January 7, 2013

Cheap Flights To Asia: Air Tickets For "Westies"

While I've flown out of Seattle and Los Angeles, SFO is my normal departure and arrival point.

Closer to the beginning of this blog in March of 2010 someone sent me a listing of travel agencies they'd done their own research on, saying it might be of interest to me or the readers here who live on the West coast of the USA.

I ran across it this weekend while clearing space on a hard drive and, while I haven't spoken to 98% of these places in a while I'm offering it up here today as a reference for the adventurous who are looking to make a trip somewhere in Asia any time soon.

Brokers and agencies can have different resources and contacts, and sometimes have access to blocks of tickets via their agency's agreements with an airline or other means.

My apologies in advance if you find yourself getting some disconnected numbers, but in addition to your own web searches through the more common channels (some of which are mentioned here and here) one of these just might pay off for you.

All of the agencies listed below sell tickets to Asia to the general public - or did at some point.

Air Brokers International Travel Service (San Francisco) 800-883-3273, 415-397-1383, fax 415-397-4767
Airbound (San Francisco) 415-834-9445 fax 415-834-9447
All Continents Travel (Los Angeles) 800-368-6822, 310-337-1641, fax 310-645-0412
All Star Travel (Santa Clara) 408-247-9743, fax 408-247-2762
Anglo California Travel (San Jose) 408-257-2257, fax 408-257-2664
STA Travel (Berkeley) 510-642-3000, fax 510-649-1407 (San Francisco) 415-391-8407, fax 415-391-4105
Travel Design Unlimited (Mountain View) 415-969-2000, fax 415-966-8262
BET World Travel (San Jose) 800-747-1476, 408-229-7880, fax 408-365-1101
Brendan Tours (Van Nuys) 800-491-9633, 818-785-9696 
The Budget Traveler (Sausalito) 415-331-3700, fax 415-331-1377
Canatours (Los Angeles) 213-223-1111 
Cathay Travel (Monterey Park) 818-571-6727 fax 818-571-1831 
Char-tours (San Francisco) 800-323-4444, 415-495-8881, fax 415-543-8010
Cheap Tickets (Los Angeles) 800-377-1000, 310-645-5054 (San Francisco) 800-377-1000, 415-896-5023
Destinations Unlimited (San Diego) 800-338-7987,619-299-5 161
Discover Wholesale Travel (Irvine) 800-576-7770, 714-833-1136, fax 714-833-1176
Expanding Horizons (Santa Ana) 800-421-6416, 714-564-8330
Festival of Asia (San Francisco) 800-533-9953, 415-693-0880, fax 415-693-0884
Flight Coordinators (Santa Monica) 800-544-3644, 310-581-5600, fax 310-581-5620
Global Access (San Francisco) 800-938-5355, 415-896-5333, fax 415-227-4641
Japan Express (Los Angeles) 213-680-0550 
Jetway Tours (Los Angeles) 800-421-8771, 213-382-2477
K and K Travel (Fullerton) 800-523-1374, 714-525-4494, fax 714-525-4586
Omniglobe Travel (San Francisco) 800-894-9942, 415-433-9312, fax 415-433-9315
Picasso Travel (Burlingame) 800-247-7283, 415-579-1900 (Los Angeles) 800-742-2776, 310-645-4400
Rebel Tours (Valencia) 800-227-3235, 805-294-0900, fax 805-294-0981
Skytours (San Francisco) 800-246-8687, 415-777-3511, fax 415-777-9290
STA Travel (Los Angeles - West Hollywood) 213-934-8722, fax 213-937-6008, (Los Angeles -  Westwood); 310-824-1574, fax 310-824-2928 (Santa Monica) 310-394-5126, fax 310-394-4041
Sun Destination (San Francisco) 415-398-1313 fax 415-398-1399
Sunco-Carison Travel (San Francisco) 800-989-6017, 415-291-9960, fax 415-291-9950
Supersonic Travel (Hollywood) 800-439-3030, 213-851-0333
Tokyo Travel Service (Los Angeles) 800-227-2065, 213-680-3545 
Travel Time (San Francisco) 800-235-3253, 415-677-0799, fax 415-391-1856
TS Travel (Woodland Hills) 818-346-8600, fax 818-883-4624
Way To Go (Los Angeles) 213-466-1126
World Link Travel Network (Los Angeles) 310-342-1280, fax 310-342-1288  (Santa Monica) 310-453-8884, fax 310-453-7924

Happy hunting. Let us know if you find a gem.


Anonymous said...

When the travel time has been reduced automatically, the time taken to plan in advance and manage the itinerary also has to be speeded up


khunbaobao said...

Andy, while I appreciate your comment I hope you'll forgive me for copying and re-posting it so as to avoid your airline's web link included in it. It doesn't look as though it has anything to do with the Far East in any way.

Anonymous said...

nice blog, your information is very effective. the information about cheap flights tickets is TOO GOOD.
Pramod S

khunbaobao said...

Thank you, Pramod. I hope it helps.

Researching ticket prices can be SO frustrating, and many times I don't dig as deep as I could just to save, say, $50. It's wasteful, I agree - but sometimes the peace of mind in just getting something settled is worth it to me.

Anonymous said...

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khunbaobao said...

Thanks, Jari. I have a Norwegian friend by that name I run into every so often in Thailand. In fact, I was putting together today's post about him when I stopped for lunch and saw your comment waiting for approval.

BTW, folks: I moderate the comments ONLY to keep profanity and business links (probable nonsense) off the blog.

Anonymous said...

Johnes Joseph said...

I have gone through your blog. The information you have given are really informative.

khunbaobao said...

Thanks, J.J. - The key to all of this is research (and scrolling through and actually reading the fine print) if you're really set on finding what feels at the moment like the "best" fare.