Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ouch! Watch Where You're Driving...

While out for an event yesterday I came upon this post-accident scene. I'm not sure how "post-" it was, as there were no police or people in or around the vehicle and everyone nearby was going on with their lives as though it weren't even there.

Deaths by auto accident are half what they were 10 years ago, and that's a good thing. The unfortunate part is that they still happen; nearly 8,000 last year - and that doesn't include the ubiquitous motocy on the roads (and sidwalks).

The whole "mai pen rai" philosophy is fine if your friend is late for lunch, but it has slightly more serious ramifications if you're allowing yourself to be distracted or ignoring your surroundings while piloting a few tons of metal and plastic around, like this driver was doing.

Yes, accidents happen even in the most ideal circumstances, and there's no telling what was going on when this driver hopped the low curb and bent this metal standard, wrapping the front of the truck around it, but some can be avoided.

Many is the time I've seen a taxi driver nod a bit late in the evening as they speed along the streets of Bangkok, and energy drink bottles sometimes litter the floor around the driver's feet. Sleep deprivation, illness and alcohol abuse can all have an effect on a driver's performance. It fits neatly into the file folder of being aware of your surroundings and those who are caring for you - wherever you happen to be.

I looked closely at the truck before deciding to take the pictures to post here. The windshield wasn't broken, there were no signs of blood inside the vehicle and the steering wheel was intact and in shape (although I can't vouch for the driver's ribs).  I figured it wasn't too "tabloid", so here they are.

Drive carefully... and defensively. If you're a rider, you don't have to take the ride from someone who doesn't appear to be capable of doing the job. Sometimes convenience isn't worth the cost.

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