Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thai Signage #1: Park and Bomb

 OK... I guess I've sluffed off for three weeks, and that's probably enough. Thanks to those who sent queries and good wishes, but as was posted in the 1 March post I had (and have) no intentions of stopping. As I mentioned, part of cutting down was to live a life offline and spend more time on my other projects, as well as with friends and family. The past couple of weeks I've been fortunate enough to be spending that time here in Thailand. Now you know.

English is a terribly difficult language to learn. There's abundant proof of that throughout the West, where many speak it as their mother tongue. Urban Speak, the e-world of texting and tweeting and the overall unfortunate state of the educational system is at the core of this, most likely, but that's not the idea for the post today.

Foreign signage as a source of humor is an easy touch - especially unintentional errors - but since I can rarely speak more than a few words of the countries I've visited I try not to point and laugh. Note I said "try".

The other day I was out on a morning walk in Bangkok and came across this shop - a beautician school - with a name that sounded like a poor choice off words, considering the somewhat volatile nature of the world today.  The covered vehicle parked along side of it didn't make it any more comforting!


Anonymous said...

But what do they want to say? Usually, I can understand the message and translate into correct English, but for this one, I have no idea.


khunbaobao said...

No idea, Christian - but it was a school for beauticians. Odd name!