Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flowers, Part 12: In And Around Amphawa

Violet blossoms at Ban Kung Maenam
Even though I try to pay attention to what's around me in Thailand I'm usually surprised each trip with a batch of new flowers and plants that I haven't seen before.  Not that I'm unhappy about that, but so far I've failed to pick up a flower guide for plants in Southeast Asia, so I wind up with a bunch of specimens I can't identify once I'm back home.

Pinwheel-type blossoms at Rama II park in Amphawa
Occasionally my searches bring up an image of the same plant and I'm rewarded with a genus and more reliable name for something, but it's all part of the adventure, I suppose; I don't really need to know what they are as long as I can be there to enjoy them.  Like Tom Waits says "[it's] the pursuit, you see - and never the arrest".

This riverside plant looks a bit like holly, but I know it's not. The leaves were soft and had no stickers
Readers like Krobbie have responded with names for a lot of the flowers here previously, and having someone join in is, in reality, more fun than looking it up in a book.  Nevertheless, I have it on my "Thai To Do" list for the next trip, and it's a good excuse to go browsing the book stalls at Jatujak market and other places.   

So... here some images I took on my stay in Amphawa - a story I should probably make an attempt to finish soon.

Even I can spot the delicate grace of a tropical water lily

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