Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Night Photos, Part 18: In And Around The Pinnacle Hotel

We'll take a look at the Pinnacle Lumpinee Hotel itself another time for the Accomodations series, but since I've just run across some night photos of the place while looking for something completely unrelated my short attention span derailed that search and I prepared some of the Pinnacle images. The location today is the one  on Soi Ngam Dupli off of Rama IV Road, not the one they call the Sukhumvit location.

Since longer exposure images are something I enjoy experimenting with you'll find many other batches of available light "night" photos you're free to peruse any time you like if you like the images today - just click HERE.

The top image is the reception desk, taken one evening as I was coming back from an evening out with friends. Directly above is the Soi Ngam (or Nam) Dupli (or Duplee - don't you just love transliterations?) where you can also see the lit sign for Vincent's Seven Rooms, another nice place to hang your hat, I'm told.

Below is the spirit house for the hotel on one side of the entrance courtyard, in front of a faux stone wall.

Below is the Pinnacle cafe, nearly deserted when I took this while going up to my room.  One lone farang was sitting on the far right was having tea, it looked like, but all but his arm has been cropped out. There's more seating to the left.

One last shot today - from the entryway of the hotel looking down on some of the lights and courtyard decorations.

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