Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Clip From The Calypso Cabaret In Bangkok

By the numbers the first two posts about the Calypso Cabaret seem to be some sort of guilty pleasure for some, so why not indulge people's fantasies every so often? For those who'd rather look at men as men there are a number of additional dancers to the scene, and that ought to take some of the sting out of it for you.

The clip today is a little longer than many posted here (well, there is the night time motocy ride through the back streets of Pattaya clip), but still just a portion of one of the scenes in the show. Performances last right about an hour, and I was also taking the stills so didn't fool with the video very much.

Those looking for the first two photo posts can find them here: Part 1 - Part 2. Located beneath the lobby of the Asia Hotel the show has been a well-crafted and well-executed standard in Bangkok for many years.  There's more information about the location, address, show times and show link in Part 1.

Female impersonation doesn't do much for me, unless it's really done well, and then it's an entertaining illusion. Middle-aged to old(er) men doing drag to any degree leaves me totally cold - uncomfortable, really - as they lumber about in their over-done outfits, big hair back-brushed and sprayed to the point of being a fire danger and squeezed into their outfits; really looking more like over-sized spangled sausages than women.  It's grand fun in some clubs, I know, but...  well, I'm not on this earth to judge.

Years ago I had a Pacific Island man renting a room from me for a few months. He had a face that was borderline pretty to begin with, and with his skin tone and fit figure could effectively indulge in his habit of doing "high class drag", as I used to call it - and he did it very well.

He drank like a fish, though, and while he'd leave the house looking very much like Tina Turner in her "What's Love Got To Do With It" period it was more often than not that he'd arrive back home around 03:00, having misplaced his key and be knocking on the door to be let in.  When I'd stumble to the door and swing it open there would often be a similar version of Tina, but now looking as thought she'd been in a fight: torn fishnet stockings and wig at a strange angle.  It didn't last long.

Nevertheless, I'm not picking on those that find cabaret entertaining, and to prove it I'll post more photos another time down the line.  Those who absolutely can't stand it: you've been warned.

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