Friday, May 13, 2011

More "Ladies" Of Calypso Cabaret

Although I can appreciate the illusion of a well done drag show - called cabaret in Thailand - I'm not the big fan of it many evidently are; the first "Ladies" of Calypso Cabaret post was popular with a lot of visitors here, and one I still receive requests on, asking if there are any more cabaret images.

The short answer is yes, and here are a half dozen or so more photos from the Calypso show. More information about seating, times, location and other details are available in Part 1.

Part of an extended show piece

This is about as risque as the shows at Calypso get

This same young man does a credible impression of Tina Turner, as I recall

Knowing their audience, there's a performance aimed specifically at the Korean, Japanese and Chinese tourists who attend the shows

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