Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thai Smiles, Part 34: Random Guys

The "Smiles" series tends to elicit feelings on both ends of the spectrum; those who like and dislike them - and I've certainly heard about it from both camps. Obviously I like taking and sharing them, so it's unlikely that the series will end until we run out of images for it, which will happen at some point.

Vertical images don't display as well here column-wide, but there were a few shots prepared that weren't horizontal so I thought we'd try a grouping of them and see how it works. Up top is a young man I met while out walking in Bangkok. His uniform was either some sort of school or faux-military, I'm not sure which; maybe a form of ROTC. Perhaps someone better versed in that area could tell us. This kid smiled faster than I could compose, focus and take the picture, but there's a hint of one there.

Below is the man who settled my beach chair and made sure I had shade one afternoon in Jomtien, bless his heart. I didn't catch the 1,000 watt smile he's capable of, but this one was nice.

Next is a guy who appeared to be just resting on the back of his motor scooter. I didn't take his photo when I walked past him the first time, but when he was still there on my return trip I asked if he'd smile - and he did.

Finally here's a guy who does Thai massage in Bangkok who stopped work long enough to pose.

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Anonymous said...

Cute! I like your Smiles series.
(San Francisco Bay Area resident).