Thursday, May 26, 2011

Video Clips: Strolling Soi Twilight

Soi Duangthawee (as it's spelled on the sign above it) is more commonly known at Soi Twilight, the most concentrated - and touristy - grouping of male-oriented businesses in Bangkok. It's also referred to as Duangthawee Plaza and Soi Pratuchai, mainly to keep the visitors confused, I think.

There are Go-Go clubs, massage parlors, restaurants, and bars competing for your attention - along with a few other assorted establishments and the ever-present wandering vendors.

One evening a couple of years ago I decided to try to film a clip of the view, so to speak, as I walked along from the bend near Classic Boys down to where it ends at Suriwong Road. Naturally I was approached and distracted by a half-dozen touts along the way ("Hahb sho nahw!") but the clip didn't turn out to be too jumpy - for something taken while walking, anyway.

It's an HD clip, if you have the bandwidth for it.

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