Friday, May 27, 2011

Jatujak Market, Part 6: A Cool Spot To Eat

There may be more than one air-conditioned place to eat at the huge Jatujak/Chatuchak Weekend Market, but I've remained fond of Toh-Plue. It's located on one of the two middle "streets" that run through the market (that image from Part 1 is here) and while I may be waaay off here I'm going to stick my neck out and guess that it's near block 22 on that map, in the same middle street that the clock tower is on. If someone knows differently please let me know and I'll correct this. Show your handout map to someone at an information kiosk and ask them to point; that ought to put you somewhere near it!

It's not a fancy place, it's often full of tourists (as you might expect), the prices are reasonable, they take charge cards...and it's air conditioned. That might not mean much to you at the moment, but after a few hours wandering in the hot, crowded maze that is Jatujak you'll understand the appeal of a cool place to sit and rest for a while.

The menu is fairly extensive, as Thai eateries go. The service has always been fast there, and the food has always met with the approval of Thai friends who have eaten there with me, be they vegetarians, Muslim or seafood fanatics.

The neon sign on the outside window (at the end today) is kind of hard to miss, and even if you do you can't mistake the inside of the place if you look at the ceiling: it's been covered with color comics from the Sunday paper. The top photo how the place looks today, and the photo below is how it was on one of my first visits there, taken from about the same spot.

The presentation is more than a street-side restaurant would do, and less than a proper dinner house. There are a few examples below:

This cashew chicken dish came in a crisp noodle nest

If you're dragging yourself around in the mid-day sun you might try Toh-Plue. If you do, let me know how you liked it. The food, I mean - I know you'll appreciate the chance to cool off and rest!


krobbie said...

Thanks for that Bao-Bao. I am a goer for a bit of a sit down as my leg gets really sore after walking for about half an hour and have to take a break. For some reason we have never been to this place but I will get Bobey to read this so next time we can ask at the kiosk when we arrive exactly where it is.


khunbaobao said...

I think you'll like it, Keith. There are precious few spots to sit and rest at Jatujak!

krobbie said...

I am online to Bobey and he says oh yes I know this place very. I will take you there in when you come.

He has been here a couple of times and has described where it is.

I have a friend coming from Sydney who cooks Thai cuisine so he will enjoy this as well.