Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thai Smiles, Part 33: Isaan Smiles

The Isaan roadtrip provided so many opportunities to cross paths and interact with folks in the countryside along our way as they were going about their everyday lives.

Some viewed me somewhat as a novelty, some were entertained by my clumsy Thai while saying hello and asking if they'd stop for a photo and some more than likely considered me a nuisance keeping them from staying on task, although almost all were too polite to make it known if that was the case. If they seemed irritated or displeased I dropped the subject and moved on. Most took my interest in them and what they were doing in the right spirit and were pleased to be acknowledged.

In addition to the meat cutters in the morning market in Udonthani (up top) - here are a few other people I met along the way.

The ticket vendor at Prasat Muang Tam

Mother and son at the morning market in Udonthani

Students on a field trip at Phra Narai Ratchanivet

Truth be known I'm not all that much of an outgoing person, so it's not as easy as it may seem to approach a stranger and ask them if I may invade their personal space to take their picture. I know I'm not all that wild about having mine taken, as a rule, so I appreciate them allowing me to take theirs - and I always make sure they're aware of that.

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