Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Flowers, Part 9: Blooms at Bang Pa-in

Back in part 2 of the Isaan Oddysey series you saw some of the flowers and landscaping in the large gardens at Bang Pa-in one of several Summer palaces owned by the royal family. There were really too many to put up in a single post, so I set some aside for another day, and since there are workers doing an extensive pond clean-out in my back yard - that day's today. Actually, Bang Pa-in was posted in two parts, the second of the two is here.

Again I'm regretting not buying a book on Thai flora on my last trip, but thanks to Google I'm able to at least glean some hints from sites online. Any guesses you'd care to make in the comments section are welcome, as always.

In the second post about Bang Pa-in there was a refreshment trailer beneath a large tree, full of lavender blooms that I'm guessing was a member of the cassia family. A detail of the blooms that hung over that refreshment stand is above. Below is a group of blossoms from a different type of cassia tree - this one being the cassia fistula, or golden shower tree. You'll see these throughout the kingdom.

I can't identify the flowers that hung over the water in the top photo today, either - but here's a closer look at them:

As a final "I don't know" for today's less-than-inspired post, here's a bloom I picked up off of the lawn that afternoon while standing beneath a tree that was absolutely loaded with these yellow ruffled flowers. For some reason I didn't get a photo of the tree itself, but the flowers were beautiful.

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