Saturday, October 15, 2011

Surf's Up, Boys - Some Photos

No offense, but there are many other things I'd rather be doing here than composing a post... so here are some pictures I took yesterday.  The North side of the island here has the best exposure for the surf coming in off of the ocean, and as a result has the best spots to watch people of all ages riding the waves.

If the sunlight is right the water turns a beautiful aquamarine or turquoise blue that can be breathtaking when combined with the bright white of the froth caused by air being churned into it.

The surfer's cars line the roads near the vantage point I usually watch from, and they come hurrying along to where the rocky trail leads them down to the water, firmly holding their surf boards under their arms.  With the gusty winds that are almost always blasting away up there they need to keep them from acting as sails that could push them off balance and send them ass over tit down to the bottom, bouncing off of rocks along the way.

The waves in the pictures today are nowhere near competition height, but if you've ever lifted a five gallon/19 liter bucket of water you can understand the power behind a wall of water this size has.  Of course, the wave itself has no way of knowing how delicate the creatures are that attempt to skim along it's crescent face, and it obviously doesn't care.

Most of us are more than content to merely watch the show, or to walk down an easier path to the rocky ledges below and watch the water spraying up in the sunshine there.

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krobbie said...

Bao-Bao, nice shots as ever. Hope you're enjoying your break away.