Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Nice Open-Air Restaurant In Bangkok

About 16 hours after setting foot inside Don Muang airport on my first ever adventure into Thailand my friends and I found ourselves being led into the open entrance of Just One, an indoor/outdoor restaurant.

Located just off of Soi Nam Duplee - a little more than a block off of Rama 4 Road, it's easy to get to on foot from the Pinnacle, the Trinity Silom, the Malaysia, Vincent's 7 Rooms, Pantip Court and a lot of other lodging. You could also easily walk there from the Lumpini MRT station on Rama 4, at the edge of Lumpini Park.

It was a beautiful evening - especially for we two newbies who were still under the spell of the newness of Thailand (and a little jet-lagged, to boot). My pen-pal friend Voy was schlepping us around and thought it would be nice to be outdoors, and he was right. We sat at a table beneath the whispering leaves that swayed above us and had a magnificent meal.

The only problem was we didn't have sense enough to put on some mosquito repellent, so we were ourselves a buffet for what seemed to be a hundred mosquitoes, by the bites we saw rising on our legs later that evening. Ugh. I learned that very evening to protect myself, and have since. If you find yourself in a similar situation there you can sit inside, where the aircon keeps things quite cool.

Even after a number of visits I still haven't become jaded enough to say it's not a good place to eat, so although these aren't recent photos I thought I'd share them.

The guy who was sweeping up on the morning I wandered by on a walk stopped to visit briefly and allow me to take his picture. He resembles a friend of mine from Isaan who also works in the Big Mango, but that's another story for another day.

Powdered with talc a worker at Just One does some morning clean-up

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