Monday, January 23, 2012

Amphawa's Night Market: More Available Light Shots

Later in the evening, and a ways away from the main activity of the Amphawa floating night market

A couple of days ago someone left a comment on last July's post about the Amphawa floating market, suggesting that Amphawa was also nice by night, too - and I wholeheartedly agree.  [If you missed the first batch of night photos about that area, they're here.]  

I've long maintained that one hour out among the locals while travelling is worth five at a tourist spot.  Not that touristy places aren't worth visiting, because they are or the natives themselves wouldn't go there, but you know what I mean, and although this is generalizing, Soi Cowboy and Soi Twilight aren't really Thailand - they're more what tourists have done to Thailand.

This side street from a car park led you to the canal activity

Although the Rama II park was beautiful [Part 1 here and Part 2 here] and I enjoyed the park display of photo murals of the King in his younger days, and while touring the temples is always pleasant and educational I have to admit the evenings mingling with the locals throughout the market and restaurant area were probably the best parts of my days there.

The best noodle shop I tried in Amphawa - just a block off the main canal

It's not just the aroma of noodle shops and restaurants that drift along on the evening air - although those savory scents certainly enhance a stroll - I think it's the overall unspoiled attitude and graciousness of the people themselves; different than that of those in the tourist-ridden city areas where some have adopted parts of the less pleasant social behaviors of the Western world.

The Thai phrase mai pen rai (meaning "nevermind" or "it doesn't matter") has been overused on many travel sites, but it's really a true part of the culture there, and it's surprisingly refreshing every time I run into it. The woman in the picture above said it with a smile when I apologized after I accidentally bumped the back of her chair while moving out of the way of a motor scooter, and I added another tally mark to my mental list of reasons I love Thailand.

Another of that noodle shop - note the logo if you want to look for the place
No place is perfect, and I believe my compact video recorder was liberated from my bag at the night market there one evening while I was distracted by something, but big deal - I need to pay attention to my surroundings and the possibility of pickpockets as much as anyone else.  I was one of a precious few "round eyes" and I stood out somewhat in the crowd anyway, I'm sure.  I'd guess the percentage of farang in total was somewhere around 5%, if that much.

Some of the unhurried and polite people strolling along the walkways

The evenings I spent in Amphawa (other than my unexpected time detained in the police station) were really nothing less than idyllic: delightful in all respects.

For much more about the parks, temples, locals and the likes you can click on the "Amphawa" link under Labels in the right hand column.  The post today will take it up to 25 about the area, and it's a beautiful place.

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Anonymous said...

It looks lovely. I've been trying to decide if a move to Thailand is right for me for a couple of years. The image of people calmly strolling through this night market I've placed in the plus column. Thx for posting.