Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rama II Memorial Museum and Gardens, Amphawa

Two photos joined to show a small portion of the buildings at Rama II Park
The first morning I awoke in my riverside bungalow in Amphawa I lay still for a few minutes, listening to the sounds of birds and insects as slivers of light came through the space between the shutters on my windows.  Nearing me from upriver came the soft, rhythmic sound of water quietly splashing, and I turned to push the shutters open above my pillow and saw an older woman, slowly paddling her way downstream beneath my window.

A women paddles her way to the morning market in Amphawa, Thailand
Following breakfast my friend said he wanted to take me to Rama II park; an expansive lush and well-maintained garden area with large teak buildings that houses a museum, historical murals, photo exhibits, and a small gift shop. As you'd expect there are also places to get cool drinks and things to snack on.

The gardens also feature many finely crafted statues that represent folklore and religious tales.  It shows on most online maps and is easy to reach from anywhere in the small city of Amphawa.

The well-groomed grounds between the multi-level, tidy teak buildings.

Admission was next to nothing, and it's a wonderful spot to wander a couple of hours and soak in the beauty. I'll post more about it tomorrow, if all goes well.

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