Friday, July 8, 2011

Thai Smiles, Part 36: Random Shots For A Friday

Even though you've just seen a Thai Smiles post there are many who've let me know how much they enjoy them, so I figure all but a couple of you will cut me some slack for posting another few random images today.

These were taken over the past 9 years or so, give or take.

The girls to the left were laughing after seeing the image of themselves on my camera's view screen, and they went at it all the harder after seeing this one. This wasn't the first time they'd had their picture taken, of course; but for the first shot I'd encouraged them to make a goofy face -and when they saw how they looked in it they just lost it.

The girl up top was on her way to school in the countryside near Surin when I asked my friend (and guide for Isaan trip) Suphot to stop next to them so I could take their picture from the passenger seat.

Below is a guy who was trucking bags in on a dolly one morning; and although the first (posed) picture didn't come out well I thought this one was actually more interesting.

The last picture today is of a woman at a morning market in Udonthani who stopped for me while loading supplies into her stall. I met so many wonderful people on that Isaan trip.

Enjoy your weekend, all. See you again on Monday.

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