Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thai Smiles, Part 38: Schoolgirls At Rama II Park

Although there were several class groups at Rama II Park the morning we visited I seemed to bump into these girls in the dark blue uniforms the most.  There was a busload of them, and they moved about in knots of four to twelve; answering questions in their theme booklets as they stopped at a display case, tapestry or statue.

Between buildings they posed for their each other's photos and were gracious enough to pose for me, too.

The duo to the left were holding their hands and forearms up to imitate the chang (elephant) topiary they were standing on either side of, and they giggled while they posed for their friend.

Evidently they had assigned items to address, and they worked together as students will do in study groups.  Most leaned over and used the wooden floor as their writing table, but a couple of times I saw one sitting on the floor, bent over to write on the floor while another used their back as a somewhat unstable desk. They talked among themselves as they worked, but for the most part they remained on task.

Although I ran into some of the same girls twice I was wary of being seen as the perhaps shady Big Pink Guy following the schoolgirls around. Somewhat of a sad commentary on the level of some adult tourist's behavior, I think, but the brush used to paint the ne'er-do-wells is a broad one I'd rather avoid being mistakenly painted with.

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