Thursday, February 16, 2012

Photos: Random Morning Workers

A farang gets a shave in Bangkok

A group of photos offered today, all from a wider date range, and all taken in the morning hours.  Most were taken while out on morning walks, such as the one in the story from the day before yesterday. The one of the two massage girls was taken from my breakfast table at the hotel.

The opening shot is of a friend of mine getting his first shave in Thailand at a shop in the Ratchethewi area where I've always had good luck with haircuts and the likes. My favorite barber left to open his own shop across the Chao Phraya river, though, and now I'm looking for a new shop. I wish him good luck, but I'll miss his barbering skills.  The guy in the picture here is no competition for him at all, sorry to say.

I finally stopped to look at how many bags of ice this boy was carrying in off of a truck after seeing him walk by at least 12 times.  There were another few dozen left in a heap at the tail end of the still half-full truck, and when he was asked how many he still had to take into this one large place he replied "all".  I'd have guessed them to be 15 kilograms (32 pounds) each, at least. Maybe 20Kg, or 50 pounds.

After pulling the tarps off of the front of his stall the young man below swept away the dust (and probably exhaust and street grime) from his wares with a duster.

A couple of Bangkok massage girls sit outside a shop on Suriwongse Road, watching the passers-by while waiting for early customers...

... while a clothing vendor on Beach Road in Pattaya leans on a rack and also waits for his first morning sale.

I think it's nice when a day can begin slowly, don't you?  That may be age talking, but I've never enjoyed having to jump out of bed and start out the day at a dead run on the job.  Even after coffee and the paper.

A pedaling petal peddler putters past
(try saying THAT fast three times)

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