Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Sleepless Night And A Day Derailed

Something tells me the corporate office didn't know he was wearing this "customer service" button...

Have you ever had one of those nights where you wake up hours before you'd planned to, lie there for a while tossing and turning and then, in defeat and disgust, throw back the covers and just get up to begrudgingly start your day?  I do, every so often.

Hours before sunrise this morning I got up, made coffee, checked email and a few sites and then sat down to begin pulling together files for a print  order of photos I'll take to friends in Thailand in a few weeks. Despite the lack of sleep I dove into the project full bore, and now I see it's approaching lunchtime and my writing time has again slipped through my fingers.  An unavoidable afternoon of obligations, errands and work here at home other than writing awaits, damn it.

Rather than just skip a day I figured I'd share that little treat of aging many of us deal with on occasion: the occasional sleepless night, or the pre-dawn waking for the day. Makes me cranky, sorry to say, and if I don't practice restraint of tongue and pen I tend to get myself into trouble.

I suspect the 7-Eleven night shift guy working when I came in for water late one night might be flitting about trouble's flame with the button he was wearing, too, but after a bit of pestering he smiled for the photo. I have to admit - when I worked at 7-Eleven back 40+ years ago I remember how easy the "kiss my ass" attitude was to slip into along about 02:00 some nights. Glad those days are behind me!

Anyway, let's try this again tomorrow.  See you then.

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