Thursday, March 29, 2012

Night Photos, Part 20: The "Twilight" Zone

Among the clubs, early one evening on Soi Twilight

It's in the low 50s Fahrenheit where I am this morning, but it's reported as being 90F in Bangkok under patchy clouds as I write this.  As chilly and wet as it's been here I think I could deal with a warm humid evening, watching the scenery pass by my seat at an open-air spot on Soi 4 or Soi Dungthawee/Twilight in Bangkok. In fact, it's a compelling daydream.

The top image is a composite of four, and I only point that out again because the man in the lower right isn't an amputee; the blending software did it.  When items in the field of view move it can make some interesting choices.

The relative quiet before businesses open for the evening

Other than a grouping a couple of months ago from the area around the Amphawa Night Market and a batch before that from around the Pinnacle Hotel from last September there haven't been many available light night photos, and although it's only Thursday morning and I still have a laundry list of things to do before a busy weekend ahead my mind is already doing its best to kick itself into "neutral".

Even the employees are taking things easier at this point of the evening - around 19:30 - and the genial camaraderie is always nice to see, I think.

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