Friday, September 7, 2012

Trip Report, Part 25: Night Shots From The Festival

Three of the festival entrance, taken from across the road

What I call "night photography" - photos taken without a flash - is problematic enough on its own, since I rarely lug around a tripod and finding a steady spot to rest the camera is often catch-as-catch-can. To add to that, they're often more than a five second exposures and I just don't have the steady hand I had 40 years ago, and the aperture of my simple camera won't give me any more of a break than that.  

Maybe I'll invest in a better camera before the next trip, but the instruments I'd like to purchase often cost half of my round trip airfare there. Perhaps the camera fairies will leave a new one under my pillow, but that might entail leaving the old one underneath it before going to bed, and my sleep cycles are screwy enough to begin with.

That aside, a short while back I posted about this festival that was to raise funds to build a new temple (part 1 here and part 2 here). Those evenings I took night photos, and tried something new: stitching shots together into panoramas. Here are the results.

The "bouncy house" where kids of a wide age range jumped around

The dart throw carnival game

Part of the new temple building boundaries. Offerings were made by most, including myself.

I like the somewhat eerie light and coloring the camera catches. It's often a surprise when I get back to where I can download and view the pictures.

Hope you enjoy them, and your weekend.


Was Once said...

hey, I have taken a 6" rubber coated tripod, which I place on a fence or a pole and hold with one good hand, and then set the timer, it works ok...and small enough to put in a pocket.

khunbaobao said...

I haven't tried a mini-tripod yet, but I do have a smaller one. It's still an extra piece to carry, so I may try the one you mentioned, thanks!

Anonymous said...

typo: apeture -> aperture


khunbaobao said...

Thank you. Now corrected. Not sure how I missed that one - I know better!