Friday, September 21, 2012

Working Boys: Killing Time On Soi Twilight

Sharing the news in that day's paper

All of us have had those times at work at one point or another: there's really nothing to do for some period of time, and we either have to look busy - in case some supervisory figure comes lumbering by - or are left to fill that dead space in the day by ourselves in one way or another.

Group dinner before work

As one example, here where I live you're likely to see state road crew workers clumped together at a site in their brightly colored safety vests often standing idle, watching one person working with a shovel while they simply lean on theirs. I usually say to myself "there's my tax dollars at leisure," but I know that's not always the case. I feel fairly confident in saying this happens at workplaces around the world.  Sometimes it's borne of laziness, sometimes not; it's not for me to judge, I suppose.

Road workers in the USA (Internet image)

One early evening in Bangkok I noticed just such a group of guys waiting for something to do and filling the void. What they do for a living and where this was isn't important, so I'll leave that unsaid, but it reminded me of the times I'd go to the water cooler or away from my own office just to kill a few minutes.

Something seemed to be holding their interest in the paper

Since it's Friday - a time when many of us are looking forward to "our time" on the weekend - I thought it might be a fitting opportunity to share the thought and a few of the pictures I took of those workers.

"Look at what I've downloaded here..."

While putting this post together I realized it might just as well have been put under the "Same Same, But Different!" category, but so it goes.  Enjoy your weekend, all.  See you here Monday.

Lost to their cell phones, filling some dead time

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