Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Flowers, Part 17: Assorted Photos For A Tuesday

An enormous stretch of blooming shrubbery, gone wild in an open area near my hotel one trip

Having just had a long Labor Day weekend (here are the 2011 and 2010 posts about it too, if you're interested in seeing more Thai folks laboring away) it might seem a tad lazy to fall back on a post of photos again, but so it goes.

Here are some blooms and blossoms I've seen while out around and about in Thailand. Some I can identify, some I can't... despite buying a relatively comprehensive guidebook to Thai flowers a trip or two ago. Any comments from those who can ID them are (as always) welcome!

My guess is that this is part of the Ixora family

Similar to a passion fruit (lilikoi) unidentified bloom on a tree near Sattahip

Deep violet orchids in a private garden in Bangkok

I can't identify the flower, but it was the lone bloom on a large shrub that caught my eye

Back tomorrow, hopefully with another installment of the Trip Report from this Spring.

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