Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day - Workers

It's just past 10:00 on Labor Day here in the USA, a holiday that's been on the books since 1894 as a day originally intended to recognize the efforts of the working class folks of America - the "salt of the earth" as we'd say.

Without going into my own opinions on American work ethics (other than to say that using the word "ethics" for many working people in the US is being generous) I thought today it would be nice to share this day of recognition with the working folk in Thailand - especially those in the more humble parts of society: the laborers, those in service positions, the "salt" of the Thai working class.

We've already seen examples of hard-working people there and how their attitude toward work itself is enhanced by their outlook and dedication while finding a way to enjoy their job, so let's today just tip our hats to them, too.

To everyone everywhere, no matter what it is you do to keep a roof over your head and food in your stomach my wish for you today is this: may you find satisfaction and take some pride in whatever that is... and Happy Labor Day.

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Dimi said...

Great post, I raise my glass to all these people (in LOS and elsewhere) with you.