Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thai Beauties: Flowers, Pt. 2

One of many types of Virburnum *

We began a series on Thai flowers a couple of months ago (New Series: Flowers) that deserves a new installment, so here today are more blooms I've photographed around the Land of Smiles.

There was a nice comment left earlier this month on the Morning Walk In Bangkok post saying "I like how the Thai people's living circumstances, no matter how grand or humble, always include flowers and potted plants" - and I heartily agree.

<-- white Petunia blooms *

Granted, many plants we'd struggle and baby along in our own homes thrive weed-like in Thailand with seemingly little care, but they still take that most precious commodity - time - if only for water and minimal attention.

Pots and planters are very cheap there, but you're likely to see most anything that will hold soil or water filled with foliage and blooms, clustered together in groupings in front of homes, storefronts, along the sidewalks - most anywhere.

A large (4 inch) Hibiscus bloom *

I've done basic research with Google but can't seem to find much information online about native plants and wildflowers of Thailand. There are any number of books available, too, and I'll take a look for a good one next time I'm there. Meanwhile, if anyone has a site suggestion that might help me identify some of these blooms I'd be grateful to hear about it, and I'll of course pass that information along. [ * Photo identification provided via comments from my friend Krobbie. Thanks, K!]

Red/white varigated double Amyrillis *


krobbie said...

Virburnum, Petunia, Hibiscus and Amyrillus.

The amyrillus is particularly fine being a double (head) and a variegated colouring, At first I thought the first one was a Jasmine type but have decided in Virburnum bacuase of the bid type.

I love flowers.


Anonymous said...

those flowers are crazy-beautiful.. especially the one in the bottom photo. WOW, It looks like a lilly.. I love the double petal thing it's doing.

Anonymous said...

In the 3rd pic is a variety of hibiscus.

khunbaobao said...

Wow, you people are FAST! I've captioned the photos with the names Krobbie kindly provided. The hibiscus I knew and I should have known the amaryllis, too - goodness knows I've seen enough of them around holiday time here in the shops.

When I did a Google on virburnam it came up with some blooms that looked a little like some of what I'd heard called some types of hydrangeas here (i.e. "shooting star").