Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Night Photos, Part 8: Late Night Food

Next time I venture into Thailand I'm going to spend a lot more time out and about after dark, taking longer-exposure night pictures. It's a realm of the unknown that I find fascinating. The results are almost always surprising since I usually don't really know what I've captured until I get back to where I can download the images onto something with a larger screen than the camera itself. Sometimes what looks good on the camera is a blurry mess back in my room.

It helps to have something to steady the camera on, and that becomes part of the challenge, too. Usually I'm walking and have to make do with whatever happens to be available: a table, against a pole, leaning on a building or just setting the camera down on a motor scooter seat and hoping the owner doesn't think I'm up to no good. Maybe I'll break down and buy a simple tripod there one of these times.

Here are a few time lapse night photos, casually grouped together as "friends having a late night meal". The top image is a view of people eating outside a 7-Eleven below the Chong Nonsi BTS station, sort of across the street from the Om Yim Lodge.

Below are folks sitting at the metal tables of a sidewalk eatery on Second Road in Pattaya, somewhere along about midnight one night. Below that is an image of friends having dinner beneath the festive lights in Pattaya at the now-closed Amor Restaurant, where I've enjoyed several leisurely dinners myself.


Anonymous said...

pink balloons, hearts, and teddy bears ?? I'm guessing it's some kind of Valentine's Day ?? tell me that the restaurant doesn't look like that all the time.

khunbaobao said...

You had it right: it was a day or two before February 14th ;-)

Balloon arches and balloon garlands are pretty popular for parties there, though.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, now if they only had a 7 Eleven across the street where Om Yim is located. It would save my tired/lazy butt from having the walk up the Chong Nonsi station steps and back down again.

red said...

Midnight is a great time to people watch in Thailand.
You mention time lapse but I don't see any blurring of the peoples movements. I am obviously not a photographer, could you please explain time lapse? Thanks

khunbaobao said...

Yes, TWO 7-Elevens within 100 yards of each other on the far side of the street - that's always puzzled me.

red - My fault. I was lazy and used "time lapse" instead of explaining I meant exposures more than I can normally hand-hold - up to 10 seconds or more. There's some motion visible in each image above, but you have to look closely. Most obvious in the one of the two having dinner. I also like it when there's the long trail of light or someone walking through the frame, too!

Was Once said...

And don't forget to eat some absolutely wonderful street food.