Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thai Smiles, Part 19: Friends

One of the most gratifying situations for me while taking pictures of Thai people is when I'm lucky enough to catch two, three or more friends together somewhere - working, at play, at rest or just visiting. As it can be anywhere their "guard" is usually down, they're more relaxed and more than likely feel there's some safety in numbers!

The kids at the top of today's post were at a temple outside of Surin; part of a school group that was visiting on a field trip the same day I happened to be there. I wasn't quite quick enough to catch their impromptu pose and focus properly, but I like the picture.

The group above was in a sales stall at a night market in Udonthani. The seven you can pick out happily posed in various combinations and each wanted to see each picture right after I took it. This was my favorite of the bunch.

It was getting close to dusk at the beach in Pattaya when I took the photo above, and although the quality of the image is lacking (some serious salvage work saved the very dark image) I think it's a fine example of joyous fun.

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Anonymous said...

the school boys are too cute.