Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thai Smiles, Part 17: Students

Luck has been with me while visiting wats and tourist spots frequented more by Thai people than farang or other tourists. Oftentimes I've run into school groups on a field trip of one sort or another and have gotten a number of "smile" pictures of small groups of students, such as the kids above who were on a school outing to a small temple in Amphawa.

On morning walks around commute areas you'll often see groups of students on their way to school, stopping to buy their lunch or a snack, sometimes sneaking in a round of video games or just gathered together to wait for a bus, like the three above.

The group below was taken after regular school hours, and they're also an example of kids collecting funds like we saw on May 7th. They weren't dancing to a drum beat, but they had a collection box. They were a pleasant bunch, and I did my small part.

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