Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sleeping, Part 7

It's been a little over a month since we've visited the Sleeping photos, so since a couple of you have commented that you like this series - here's another installment for you.

What I liked about today's header photo is the way these people were able to sleep along what was a reasonably busy Bangkok sidewalk in the mid-day heat. It's logical, given that they were on a lunch hour break and it was hot that day (remember the recent Mad Dogs and Englishmen post?), but it also shows the woman's two kids entertaining themselves while Mom snoozes. Organized "day care" for children is somewhat uncommon there, I'm told, and perhaps there were no family members available to watch them, so they went to the job site with Mom.

The man above was sacked out on a bench along Beach Road in Pattaya one morning. It didn't look too comfortable to me, but I'm a little older, too.

The last photo was taken along Patpong 1, around lunchtime. As is the case with most areas that see far more activity under neon light than sunlight it's a somewhat dirty-looking area during the day. The beer delivery man had taken a break while two women (one off to the left and out of frame) sat and visited on the street corner.

You don't see the delivery guy? Look closer: he's asleep in the back of the truck, on top of the red cases of Leo beer.


Anonymous said...

I think those ubiquitous plastic chairs have become an iconic third world fixture. The third photo shows one in red.. I prefer it to the white or green ones. I'm kind of surprised they're not made in more colors. In Dallas we fight the summer heat. In Mexico and Thailand they succumb to it in the only ways they can. They get out of the sun, take a sleep break and try to refresh themselves. The kids are cute.. they know the drill, and look like they're trying to finish their lunch.

khunbaobao said...

Yes, the chairs (and sometimes just low round or square stools) are everywhere. You've probably noticed that they seem to be in almost every casual restaurant - such as the BBQ post a couple of days ago. Hope it's not too hot in Dallas now!

Anonymous said...

it's been cooler the last couple of days.. and the worst of the summer heat is over for this year. ;-)