Thursday, February 7, 2013

An Observation While Out One Night In Bangkok

NOT Silom Road, where I made the observation. This is Victory Monument, late one evening.

While going through some notes yesterday afternoon in a failed attempt to sort out several boxes of brochures, receipts, flyers and other info brought back from my trips to Thailand I found this note on the back of a Burger King receipt (I tend to scribble things down as I go along as a kicker for my maturing memory). I rarely eat such junk food here OR there, but I was overdue for dinner and unfortunately just took the plunge. Here's what was on the receipt:

17 March 2009 - 21:00 - Beneath Sala Daeng BTS, Bangkok

The late-teenaged male leaned forward over the table at Burger King, a look of great concentration on his face as he studied his face as it was reflected in the screen of his cell phone. The girl with him gazed idly out the window at the parade of people meandering along through the narrow corridor of stalls that line the sidewalk along Silom Road.

At first glance I thought he was doing something with his phone while unconsciously fingering his chin, but upon closer inspection it became obvious he was using a small set of pocket nail clippers to clip his sole whisker. Satisfied the job was done, he folded the clippers closed and held the phone up for a different view of his handiwork.

If he ever really needs to shave it may take him an hour at a crack.

Note To Self: Two standard cheeseburgers and a small Diet Coke cost 145B. First they slightly gouge you, then they give you hypertension with a side order of heart attack. Nice. Remind me to Super-Size that... NOT.


Anonymous said...

A nail clipper? I noticed several times that Thais can use two 1-Baht coins to serve as a tweezer to pull out unwanted facial hair.


khunbaobao said...

Maybe this was a "hi-so" teen... he was well-dressed!