Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wait... What Was THAT?

A man peruses the titles on display... or is he thinking about those that aren't on display? Hmmm...

The tourist areas contain such a wide variety of "unusual" things for sale that you quickly become somewhat numb to things and not a lot of it gives you pause for a second look.

Walking along one afternoon in an area where I wouldn't have expected to see a stall selling the readily available pirated DVDs to begin with I passed this table.

I already had my camera out and on, but I was already late to meet a friend for lunch, so I hastily snapped this pic on the way by - hence the slightly blurry shot, sorry.  As a friendly word of advice, the folks selling such wares are rarely keen on having you take pictures of their wares to begin with, and not of them, especially. Not surprising, really.

It wasn't the "NEW PORNO" sign that caught my eye, though, as touts can be almost overwhelming with such news along Silom Road and in places such as Pantip Plaza - where the DVD touts can be actually be kind of fun, depending on how you approach the situation. You can read that story in a post from three years ago HERE.

No, actually it was the sub-headers that stood out when I was going through the photos back home. I mean, to me there's nothing odd or shameful about being Gay, but to only rate one step above sex with animals made me laugh!

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