Monday, March 21, 2011

A Day Away

This sunrise welcomed me home after the last Thailand trip

At least 98% of the posts here are written the day they post. I do prepare batches of photos in advance, but that's more for my own convenience than anything else as they take time to crop, re-size, watermark, etc.

I have some unhappy family business to attend to today, and my educated guess is that I'm not going to feel like sitting down and writing something later this afternoon, so I'm going to "give it a miss", as readers in the United Kingdom might say. Apologies to the regular readers. Back tomorrow.


krobbie said...

Bao-Bao, I am very sorry to hear you have some unhappy business to attend to.

I wish you good cheer and you know you can contact me if you wish through SGT PM.

With regards,

Donald said...

You are indeed forgiven. Actually gives me a chance to read all the older posts I have not gotten to.
Good Luck and know even in your absence you are appreciated.