Monday, March 7, 2011

Thai TV Commercials 1

Later this morning I'll be fulfilling the somber obligation of sitting in a memorial service for the father of a friend I've known for 40 years. While it's the natural course of life, for me these things are often a rude reminder of how unpredictable our journeys are as we walk our individual paths. None of us know what's ahead around the next bend, really; although we're sometimes given clues and chances to have some input via our choices and actions.

As a back-up to that thought, a insurance company in Thailand has done several commercials playing on the very emotions associated with the unpredictability of life. I have a few favorites that I'm sharing with you today. If you have others you like, let us know via a comment down below.

The first one (up top today) was filmed at the Srisangwan School for disabled children that I defy anyone to watch without being moved at least a little bit. The school was begun in 1965 as part of the The Princess Mother’s Volunteer Foundation, established in honor of Her Royal Highness the Princess Mother Somdej Phra Sri Nakharindra Boromaraj Chonni.

Watching it you can't help but feel for the children - who may or may not have much of a grasp on what challenges are probably ahead for them - and the mothers who try to be supportive and cheerful but do have some idea of what's ahead. The editing makes it clear that they're thinking of it as the song goes along and their smiles become a bit forced.

While I'm waxing a bit maudlin: the video clip below is a somewhat soppy tug at the heartstrings by the same Thai insurance company, but it's well done enough to deserve a watch. I wouldn't call it "awesome" (as it's labeled) but I thought it served as a nice reminder to be a little more tolerant and understanding with everyone. The English subtitles were added by someone who deserves a tip of the hat.

...and as long as I'm hauling out the manipulative media, this last one of may be the most sappy of the three, but it's also well done. The father's message at the end hits fairly close to home for me, so I may be just a little prejudiced in its favor.


krobbie said...

I have seen many an advertisement on Thai TV over the last 3-4 years and really these would be better than the run of the mill selection usually broadcast.

I have seen the first one before, but I can't remember if it was on TV or elsewhere.

Wjatever, this is a good selection and it's only 7am where I am. Yes, at my desk already.

Cheers Bao-Bao and my condolences to your friend,

khunbaobao said...

You're right - most of the commercials there have less of a message and less thought behind them. Kind of like most of the TV ads here in the USA LOL