Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random Beach Photos For A Rainy Day

It's cold (52F/11C) and rainy here in my part of California, and while that's nothing to what readers are experiencing in, say, Helsinki (25F/-4C) or Stockholm (38F/-3C) today it's been raining for several days and I'm daydreaming of the warm days under an umbrella on the beach in Thailand, such as the one the man was putting up for me in the photo above.

It's in the high 80s there, and there's so much to see from a lazy afternoon's beach perch, such as the jet ski guys below. Add to that a good foot massage, a cool drink and a generous amount of what I call "walking scenery" and you have a recipe for a great day.

I hope you who are already there (or somewhere somewhat similar) appreciate it, and for the rest of you in the rain and snow, you have company: I'm with you!


Michael Lomker said...

For some reason the first two photos don't have me thinking about the weather. :)

krobbie said...

Michael, You're a bad boy, however I can see how you might be easily side-tracked.

Nice one Bao-Bao.