Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let's Talk Dirty To The Animals

Across the narrow country road from Wat Bang Kung is and area targeting those who come to visit the temple. To hold interest there's a micro-zoo with five or six different types of animals, a place to buy snacks and sodas, a stand selling chilled coconut milk and an area out back above the bank of the river where you can watch people feed the fish.

For a few baht you can buy a plastic bag of fish pellets and feed them yourself. The bag is tightly sealed with a rubber band, although I'd already opened mine before taking the picture to the left. The fish know where the food is, and they drift around the area just below the water, waiting for someone to toss in some pellets, and then there's a feeding frenzy.

Kids (and some older kids) buy bundles of greens to feed the caged animals who will eat them, like the pigs, rabbits, a couple of monkeys. There were also some birds, the grandest being the peacock up top today. I'd never gotten a photo of one that was quite so full and majestic looking as this one, and as they're a novelty for this old bird I stood and watched it for a while.

While walking by the monkey cage I happened to bang my forehead on a bar sticking out from the structure. Nothing all that surprising about that in and of itself; I'm taller than most Thai, and the height of potentially dangerous things isn't usually measured in my favor. What was surprising was that it hurt enough that I let loose with one of my more colorful expressions I save for just such unpleasant surprises as this - and the monkey sitting near eye level with me looked up as he was chewing and gave me a look as if to say "Really! Can't you behave with a little more decorum in my presence?"

With the small lump on my forehead beginning to rise I thought for a moment about cursing at him directly, and was suddenly reminded of an old routine Gilda Radner did as the opener for her Broadway show back some 30 years ago, and instead began to sing the song in my head. I felt a lot better afterwards. The clip is below, but as I try to keep the blog suitable for most I should warn you that there are a few really rough words in it and it's NOT for kids...

Caution: this clip is not for those with innocent ears.

The song continued to run through my head as I walked around and looked at the rest of the pens and cages, watching the kids feeding the animals.

The temple, the warriors, the kids, the animals - it was a nice few hours. Make the stop if you're in the area.  By the way - while the peacock is most impressive from the front, it's far less interesting when it's walking away from you...

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