Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Takha (Morning) Floating Market - An Introduction

The intent today was to begin a story about a true "locals" floating market, but appointments have kept me away from home (and the computer with my images on it) until just now, and I've only got a short window before I'm due out of here to attend a book event (yes, I hear you - and no, it's not your problem, I'm just telling you) so the best I'm able to do is share a few photos again today of one of the vendors from the Takha floating market in Amphawa.

The woman up top was bundling water lily blossoms for sale the morning we visited, and I suspect on many other mornings, too.  The blooms were coiled up like the ones directly above at the back of her boat, and she'd undo them and tie them into a bouquet of sorts.

There were perhaps three dozen or so boats there along the steps at a time, and my guess is they made other stops up and down the canal other than where we were stopped to sample and snack a bit.

Tomorrow we'll take a look at the variety of vendors there and I'll try to do a proper post.

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