Friday, August 5, 2011

Victory Monument Panoramas - Night And Day

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Outside obligations today are filling the slice of time I usually carve out to write a post, so I'm falling back on a couple of panoramic shots of one of my favored morning walking areas - Victory Monument. Oddly enough I've never actually gone out to the island the monument stands on, but I've walked around it many times. Next trip I'll get a panorama or two of the spot I was standing to take today's pictures - all eight of them, joined into two.

The night shot is a couple of years newer than the day view below, and I'd prepared it before I was minimizing the watermark on photos.

If you've never seen this area, take the BTS there some morning and watch the the folks heading off to work and school. It's a little like being in an ant farm... sort of like MBK Mall on a weekend.

Speaking of weekends, enjoy yours. I'll see you here again on Monday.

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