Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Night BBQ In Udonthani Clip

Some of you may have read portions of the 28-part series "Isaan Oddysey" that ran from February 22nd through May 19th of this year, when I'd hired a friend with his own guide business to accompany me for a week-long road trip up through Isaan to Udonthani.

One evening in Udonthani we ended up at a large outdoor BBQ place, the name of which I didn't note and have long since forgotten. It was across the road from the runways at the airport there, although that's not much of a selling point, I suppose. If you want to read that piece of the saga and see photos from that night, the link to it is here. I really enjoyed it, despite the occasional noise from overhead.

I took a few video clips that evening, and here's one of them showing some of the area where you'd select your ingredients to cook at your table, and some of the band that played a generous amount of more traditional Isaan music in addition to this song. If you follow it to YouTube you can see it in HD, if you have the web speed for that.

As the evening progressed and the music became more "Isaan-centric" more and more of the locals got up to dance, and the irresistible rhythm was impossible for many in the crowd to resist. It was wonderful.

These times out among the locals are some of my fondest recollections of my Thailand visits, and I encourage you to try experiencing them yourself when you go - or when you're there again.

It's well worth the time.

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