Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thai Smiles, Part 43: Hauy Phong Orphanage Boys

Talking about the upcoming party with some of the boys at Hauy Phong

A few days ago I made a pitch for donations to the Pattaya Street Kids Project's holiday party at the Hauy Phong Children's Home.

Some of the approximately 400 boys (and girls, on the other side of the road) who would appreciate your help

Although the party is coming up soon there's still time to make a donation. For the relatively insignificant sum of $4US / 2.5GBP / 120 Baht you can defray the cost of one child for this yearly event. I don't smoke and I don't know what they cost where you live, but that's less than a pack of cigarettes here in the US - and it's a far better use of the cash.  These are children who haven't much more than the clothes on their backs, and they really put their hearts into this day-long event.

Having lunch at Hauy Phong

You can make donations in a number of ways (see their site HERE) but I've always found PayPal to be the easiest.

The photos today were taken when I was last at the home a couple of days before one of these parties. I just noticed today that while I was taking the photo below of the boy sweeping up leaves Don was taking a photo of two boys who - as of today - are smiling out at you on the PSKSP home page. Just an interesting coincidence I thought worth pointing out.

Give a thought to donating, folks.  Note on your donation that you'd like the money to go to the Hauy Phong holiday party, and that's where it will go.  100% of it.

A boy "rakes" leaves while Don takes a photo of two others


Sam said...

Nice work as usual KhunBaoBao! And I love the picture of Don's now famous picture being taken.

I think I might suggest that Don considers some way of showIng on the website how much has been raised so far, and how much is still needed. It might encourage more good people to contribute. What do you think?

khunbaobao said...

Not appropriate for me to comment about on a public site, Sam. Let's just say an "unsponsored" kid at the home isn't left out of the festivities. Email me and I can explain a bit more.