Friday, December 16, 2011

Strolling Into The Tawan Muscle Boy Club

There was going to be a little more of a story to go with the above clip today, but life threw a curve ball and it didn't happen, sorry to say. Face facts: most of those who'll be interested in seeing it couldn't care less about the story, anyway.

The gist of it had to do with trying to get back to my room after picking up some lantern puzzles at a sidewalk stall of sorts on Suriwongse Road (that January 24, 2011 story is HERE).  I'd cut down the side soi where Tawan and the Mango Tree restaurant are to get myself back to Silom and the Sala Daeng BTS and was drawn into the club by the door tout.

I'd been taking a video to show the soi anyway, and evidently the tout didn't care that the red light was obviously on because he looked directly at it and still called me in. There's not much to the clip since I shut the camera off after I sat down. I rarely visit the club unless I'm taking a newbie there, but I sat for a drink and then went on my way.

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