Monday, June 4, 2012

Post 600... A Thank You Note

My first dawn in Thailand, after arriving at Don Muang International about 7 hours before

By my count, today's post is the 600th I've put up here. While some of them have been merely place-holders while I've been away, ill or otherwise occupied I think it's still a worthy point to pause and say thank you to those who've stuck with me since the first post on 22 March 2010.

A ruffled, variegated orchid - on my first visit to Chatuchak

As I mentioned in that first post this blog was created to be a place where pictures, stories, observations and comments could be shared without the sometimes unpalatable atmosphere and irksome cyber-persona of some (but certainly not all) online forums.  Despite protestations to the contrary that's still a truism for many of them.   I still receive the odd nasty comment, but I think you'd agree in such cases we're wise to consider the source and simply wave the buzzing mosquito away.

I don't care much for site statistics, as a rule.  If more - or less - people are stopping in to read or comment during one month or another, that's entirely their choice.  It's here, and that was the original intent.  I occasionally stop to note how many visit the site (and from how many places), though; and for that I am grateful. For a while I kept an informal tally but left off at 89 different countries - and that was over a year ago, when tallies were half of what they are now. You most certainly are a divers bunch, that's for sure!

Detail at the Grand Palace - a place that hasn't ceased to impress me - despite many, many visits

After so many trips to the Land of Smiles the awe and wonder about the place has dimmed, but only slightly. Most times I've found that it's been my fellow visitors and the havoc they wreak in pursuit of their Ultimate Holidays that's been to blame much more than any legitimate complaint about the country or people themselves.  The further I get from the less savory areas, the more I enjoy my time there.

It's my hope that you've been able to glean a few bits of useful information or ideas and have maybe even gone to see places yourself that have been mentioned here.  That would please me most, I think.

I'll close today with one of my favorite images taken in Thailand, and like the others today it's from my first visit.  The story it's from appeared in March 2010, also.  He and his parents were on the train to Udonthani. He's watching me from several rows ahead in the car, holding the bean bag bear I'd given him after he'd been crying over his hand being pinched in a door.

 So... to all of you kind readers out there around the world: thank you.


Was Once said...

You are much appreciated...
The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you. ~John E. Southard

khunbaobao said...

Thank you - that's good advice!