Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thai Long Beans (Revisited)

Thai Long Bean seedlings, as they looked on April 3rd

Don't worry, you won't see updates on my gardening efforts here on a regular basis, but of all the things planted in my home garden this season the ones I'm most interested in are the Thai Long Beans.  They're both a way of reliving one of my personal memories of Thailand and a horticultural experiment that really takes no more effort than simply watering and watching them - my kind of experiment.

They were started from seed, and had just sent out their first pairs of leaves when the picture above posted on April 4th.  You can open a new window to read "Planting A Thai Memory: Long Beans" by clicking on the title.

Although there has been some weather in the past week closer to what we'd expect Summer to be in my area of California, there hasn't been much of it; most of the plants in the garden are trying to figure out if it's time to bloom, set fruit or vegetables or just stay somewhat stunted and leafy.

Fava bean blossoms in the yard this morning

As you can see above, the Fava Beans are blooming profusely and have gotten quite tall and bushy, so perhaps there'll be a decent crop to enjoy later on, even without a nice Chianti.

But I'm off track, again, sorry.  The long beans are in several spots, but my guess is it simply hasn't been close enough to "tropical" to inspire them, so they're perhaps 30" tall, at best, and so far producing nothing more than leaves - although from what I could note this morning there may be some buds coming.  We shall see.

One of the potted Thai Long Beans today

So far the most produce to come from the yard has been about 20 cups of sweet, intensely flavored boysenberries, but that's something. If you plant any amount of edible garden where you live I hope you're achieving better results than here, but that's often simply part of the experiment, isn't it?  

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