Monday, October 1, 2012

Shave Ice, Revisited

In the original August 15th post about shaved ice (what most of us in the West would call a variation of the snow cone) in Old Chantaburi Town I'd intended on including a video clip of the young man preparing my cool treat, but I'd misplaced the file. Another attack of disorganization and forgetfulness, I suppose. You can read more about the snack in that post, too, if you wish.

I'd recorded it while he was putting my add-ons into the bowl and shaving the ice but since I couldn't readily find it I just used the stills I'd taken while he was putting my friend's together before mine.  I'm correcting that today.

The Hawaiian version mentioned in that other post is more firmly packed down, so there's actually more ice involved, but this portion was plenty. The little girl having a bowl of it nearby me sure wolfed hers down, and I enjoyed every last bit of mine, too.

The guy preparing them seemed a little amused that I was photographing the process of assembling them, and you can see his "ting tong farang" smile near the end of the clip, but I didn't mind... what  was a simple thing to him remains a nice example of everyday life to me, and I'm glad I found it to share with you.

We're having hot weather through the inland portions of California now, and I may just have to try to find such a cold snack today myself!


krobbie said...

What was that he put in the bottom of the bowl?
Our snow-cones in New Zealand consist of tightly packed ice in a waxed paper cone with just a flavouring over the top. There seems to be any amount of flavouring and condensed milk/coconut milk and liquid sugar in this version.
I was most intrigued though on what was in the base.

Bao-Bao you'll be used to hot weather eith in Thailand or California, so I don't imagine your much fazed by the warmth. Hope you are well and enjoyed your long weekend.


I-Dont-Want-To-Use-Blogger said...

::BIG grin::
Well, with all that lime cordial I hope you are not diabetic. :)