Friday, October 5, 2012

Thai Smiles, Part 52: Kids In Chantaburi

Radio controlled cars at the Wat fundraiser I attended

Friday... finally.

It's been a long week for me, and I'm looking forward to doing a lot of nothing for the next couple of days.

I'd briefly considered attending the Castro crafts fair in San Francisco, but it's a long drive, and I'd heard from a friend of a particularly unpleasant troll seen lurking in their booth there last year, so I scratched that one off the list. Besides, it's Fleet Week, the city will be packed with sports fans, folks at other street festivals and the Blue Angels will be zooming overhead - which always draws a crowd - so it's best to just steer clear of the whole mess. When the laundry's finished and something is lined up for dinner plans this evening I'm done.

More or less.

Here today is an assortment of kids in the Chantaburi area, in keeping with the trip report about my long weekend near Laem Sing Beach. That poor thread has been dragged from Hell to breakfast already, so there's probably no damaging it further by derailing it another day!

Here's wishing you a weekend with nothing too pressing to do, too. See you on Monday.

This boy was all too pleased to be interrupted while studying one afternoon

Popcorn (sealed from the humidity to keep it crisp) was the item this boy had for sale at the wat fundraising festival

From their nervous surprised looks and giggles these two boys fooling around on the internet may have been looking at things better left until they were a little older.

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