Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Visiting Thailand: Travel Reference Links

Upstairs airline lounge area at Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei

In the post a couple of weeks ago about finding cheap flights to Thailand I mentioned following up with some links I've found helpful for travelling, so here they are today. I'll update and add to these again as I remember others, but this is a start.  Mainly gleaned from my own experience, but some also recommended by friends and other travelers I've met while on the road. Feel free to suggest others.

Travel Insurance
Purchasing trip insurance is a choice, naturally, but with life being the unexpected ride it is I think it's more than just prudent to have some; it really falls under the "common sense" heading. Insurance is all about "the transference of risk"  (in insurance lingo), and a comfort level with that is a personal choice. I urge you to explore and compare between at least two different companies.

I've used a few companies over the years, but the last couple have been Patriot Travel Medical Insurance , a part of IMG/International Medical Group and Travel Guard, a part of the Chartis Group. Both offer varying levels of coverage for both medical and other eventualities.

Your regular home insurance policy may cover you, but be sure. While there is reasonably priced and competent medical care in Thailand you don't want to be stuck with the bills. Some credit cards also provide coverage, also - worth checking out before you book your trip.

One rainy night in Bangkok

Worldwide Weather Sites
There are many weather sites. Many I know like the Weather Channel's site, but if you don't already have a favorite, I'd suggest Weather Underground - the cleanest I've found so far. Rather than just getting a report for, say, Bangkok, you can specify several different areas within the city, i.e. Suvarnabhumi International airport, Don Muang airport, etc. Naturally, no one site fits all, but I'd suggest starting with this one.

International Time / Clocks
A simple site with a convenient alphabetical table of the current time city by city is here: The World Clock. There are a variety of layouts available, and you can customize it to your needs, too.

Screen capture of the site

Flight and Airport Information
Naturally, you'd think the airline you booked with would have the best source of airline and airport information, and many times that's true. If you plan to hold someone responsible for the times, they're the logical sources. I still browse a couple of others, though, if for nothing else than the additional info available. One of the newer ones (to me, anyway) I've found handy is

We'll cover other reference links again soon. Feel free to alert us to any of your favorites.

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